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Music has been at the forefront for Jon since a very early age. Listening to his parent’s cassette tapes on the home stereo while being mesmerized by the displays and the technology, he knew his career would be in music one day. At the age of 8, Jon enrolled in piano lessons and studied privately. He quickly gained recognition around the community and played at local churches and retirement homes. Jon competed in an annual local piano festival and won highest honors three years consecutively. After he and his family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, he decided to further teach himself piano techniques in addition to playing the trumpet in his school bands. 

While enrolled in his high school choir, Jon co-wrote his first song for the winter choir concert that featured original songs written by fellow students and teachers. Six months later, he wrote his second song for his graduation ceremony.

Jon picked up the guitar and discovered a love of rock music. He went on to play for local bands and singers at venues such as the DNA Lounge in San Francisco and The Santa Clara Convention Center. 

In college, he studied music, television, and film. Jon was able to put his music skills to good use in the film department and composed original scores for television segments for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Medieval Times dinner and show. Jon has original orchestral music on all streaming platforms and continues to enjoy sharing his love of music with students of all ages.

Piano Keys


Founder, Music Coach

Jon's Music




Sounds of Freedom

As something to do to pass the time in between lessons during the pandemic, Jon started composing pieces and found a love of creating music for orchestra. 

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